T-Bull S.A.
Release Date:
PC (Steam)
Simulator, Adventure


The incredibly unique Birding Simulator hits Steam with an amazing ornithological journey full of unforgettable adventures. For the first time in gaming history, you can discover true-to-life bird species and photograph them in a virtual, North American-based world. This simulator lets you experience the realistically reproduced mechanics and aspects of photography and bird watching. Dive deep into the world of wildlife and get up close to birds in their natural habitat.

The Most Realistic and Diverse Locations

Discover a variety of meticulously crafted locations and travel through rich biomes: natural forests, wetlands, swamps, and hills. Explore uncharted, eco-friendly places in the heart of nature. Make your mark by keeping a travel diary and taking photos of newly-discovered bird species living in North American lands. Play the role of a professional birder and photographer, collecting pictures of various bird species famous for their plumage and rarity.

Become a Real Birder!

Adjust all necessary camera parameters accordingly, choose the right lens, distance the tripod, observe nature’s beauty, and take magical photos. Experience incredible realism, thanks to the game mechanics of photographing and tracking birds. In the stunning natural environments, each bird species looks phenomenal – take advantage of that.

Meet the Rarest Birds Worldwide!

Discover over 300 different realistically reproduced bird species in dozens of virtual locations. Learn about their natural behavior and origins, observe them in their authentic environment, and – most of all – capture as many as possible in the best photos. Small, medium, large, popular, rare, undiscovered, it doesn’t matter – find them all!

Love, Intrigue, Saving the Forest…

Participate in the story of a businessman who returns to his family home and discovers an ecological threat to the nearby forest. The compelling and extensive storyline, complemented by the real-life simulator, will allow you to go through the various stages of the hero’s life: from learning photography, through childhood love, to a rescue mission in the endangered forest.