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Birding Simulator

Developed by T-Bull S.A. (Game Studio, Poland).

Birding Simulator is a fully immersive ornithology game with a compelling backstory that places players inside of a virtual forest, populated by thousands of unique North American bird species. Explore the wilderness and learn how to make perfectly-timed camera shots.

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Game mechanics

The main task of the player will be to take the best photo possible for various bird species using a camera. The rating of the photo will depend on: the species of the photographed bird, the quality of the Camera, the zoom of the photo.

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    Equipment and improvements

    Use professional photographic and observation equipment, change lenses and choose binoculars.

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    Realistic bird behavior

    The simulator will provide you with an authentic bird watching experience, so you will learn about their natural behavior

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    Weather system

    Atmospheric changes affecting the gameplay

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Official Announcement Teaser

Birding Simulator is a fully immersive ornithology game that places players inside of a virtual forest populated by...

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Explore simulation

Game for lovers of photography and ornithology with an open world for exploration.

Discover over 300 different species of birds, get to know the engaging story, take realistic photos and be the real birder!

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