this is the Birding Simulator Dev Team! We decided to start introducing you to our production by answering a few key questions. In the Devblog series, we want to show you what working on the project looks like, summarizing the activities so far.

I. Game overview
    What kind of game is it?
    Simulator with storyline elements

    Who this game is intended for?
    Everyone who loves birding and wildlife photography

II. Game Contents

The map is based on the East Coast of the United States. Terrain will be highly diversified allowing as many bird species as possible to appear in our game.


  • We plan to introduce up to 300 bird species from 24 families and 15 orders,
  • Each bird will have its own consciousness and needs that will be fulfilled during daily routines,
  • Depending on the species’ social aspect, birds will interact with each other more or less frequently,
  • Aware of the danger, birds will be able to spot or hear players and, in case of a real threat, they will try to escape from him.


  • Smartphone
    Player’s phone serves as minimap and allows communicating with other NPCs,
  • Binoculars
    Can help the player with identifying birds’ species and allow to track birds for a short time,
  • Thermal Camera
    Its main purpose is to help player notice and track birds at night
  • Camo Tents
    While observing in a tent, the player is unable to move, but is invisible to birds,
  • Clothing
    Players may become less visible or audible by equipping correct clothing for specific environments.

Photo Cameras

  • The main game item that allows the player to take photos which will help him earn money and progress in the story,
  • The game will have to offer many camera models and even more subparts that will affect photo results:
    • Lens,
    • Lens Filters,
    • Teleconverters,
    • Flashes,
    • Grips.
  • Are you not familiar with operating photo cameras? Don’t worry each camera will have an Automatic mode that will choose the best parameters for current light conditions,
  • Those who know photography basics will have the opportunity to modify camera settings to achieve the desired photo effect,

III. Storyline

  • The game will also include an intricate plot in which players will try to defend bird habitats from anyone who will try to disturb them.
  • Game’s storyline is not required to meet and photograph every bird species.